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We have two types of dog boarding accommodations at the Bend Pet Resort: Regular Rooms and Luxury Suites. 


Regular Room Rates Per Day Depend Upon weight of dog (lbs)

Luxury Suites:

- 2 play times, 2 potty times, 1 mile walk = $90 per night

        - 2nd dog = $70

Regular Rooms: 

 39lbs and under 6'x6' room:

  • 1 play time, 2 potty times = $55 per dog per night

  • 2 play times, 2 potty times = $65 per dog per night

  40lbs-99lbs  4'x 12' or 5'x12' (depending on weight of dog):

  • 1 play time, 2 potty times = $60 per dog per night

  • 2 play times, 2 potty times = $70 per dog per night

 100lbs + 6'X12' room:

  • 1 play time, 2 potty times = $65 per dog per night

  • 2 play times, 2 potty times = $75 per dog per night

Potty times are 15 minutes long and play times are 45 minutes long, both take place in an outdoor play yard that is completely fenced in so they can play, potty and explore during both. If they are friendly with other dogs they will get to go out during those times with other dogs of same age and size to play with while supervised by staff, we keep these groups to 8 dogs total. If they are intact over 7 months or need their privacy during these times we can accommodate that with their own yard for an additional $10 per night as we would take the care to put them out without contact of other animals. We keep males over 7 months that are intact separate for their safety as other dogs can become reactionary toward their hormone levels.

Check out times are:

Monday-Friday 8am-12:30pm   
Sundays 5pm-5:45pm


The Luxury Suites accommodations are an 8X10 room with plush beds, ceramic tile floors and sliding glass doors.  Included with a stay in a Luxury Suite your dog will enjoy your choice of either, a one mile walk and two play times per day, or a full day of our interactive doggy daycare. Our Regular Rooms are block wall construction with sloping cement floors, chain link gates and upper walls.

Multiple Dog Discounts:  If you have more than one dog you would like to board they can share a room.  The dog must live together full time and must be able to be fed together. Each additional dog will get a 20% discount off their stay for sharing a room. 


We feed 2 times daily and have a fridge and freezer available for fresh/raw food needs.

We are also able to provide our in-house Lamb and Rice Formula kibble.


If your pet is on prescribed medications we can continue their prescribed care.  We can administer topical ointments, oral medications, and injections. Medications and topicals are $2 per dose, injections are $10 per dose. 

*Please provide medications in original containers, even if they will eat it in their food, to ensure they take their medications and incase of medical emergency we need them kept separate.


Please email or bring us a print out from a licensed veterinarian stating the current vaccination as follows.

-Bordetella given within 6 months.

-Rabies current (per law in state)

-Distemper/Parvo Current, We will accept the 3 year vaccine protocol given after 1 year of age.


Monday-Friday 8am-12:45pm

Sunday 5pm - 6pm.

Please contact our main office regarding HOLIDAY Business Hours 

*You are required by law to let us know if your pet has a contractable disease or is aggressive* 

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